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Hobie Cat Racing

2024 King of the Island (KOTI)

For over half a century, the exhilarating spectacle of racing Hobie catamarans off the shores of St. Simons has captivated hearts and sparked joy among beachgoers. This cherished island tradition continues, and we invite you to be a part of it. Despite the challenge of not having beach storage for our boats this season, our spirit remains undeterred. The races are welcoming to all members of the St. Simons Surf Sailors. Don’t miss your chance to join this vibrant community and make waves with us. Become a member today and keep the island tradition sailing forward!

Race days have been set!

May 18th – (0.9′ low tide @ 11:35am
June 8th – (6.1′ high tide @ 10:30am)
June 22nd – (6.0′ high tide @ 9:05am)
July 20th – (6.1′ high tide @ 7:55am
August 3rd – (6.2′ high tide @ 8:16am)

King of the Island Catamaran Racing

Monday Night ‘Learn to Sail’

We’ll be starting a new tradition in 2024, Monday Night ‘Learn to Sail’ will be 6 pm – 8 pm with boats launching from Dock 1 of Brunswick Landing Marina. Come join the fun and learn how to sail or improve your sailing skills!

Monday Night Sailing

Wednesday Night Racing

Stay tuned, Spring Racing is right around the corner!

We’ll be starting a new tradition in 2024, WEDNESDAY NIGHT RACING!!! Races will be 6 pm – 8 pm with boats launching from the beach near Andrews Island in Brunswick, GA. Spectators best view will be from Mary Ross Park in historic Downtown Brunswick, GA. . Join Today!


Racing Rules of Sailing

These rules serve as a comprehensive framework that ensures fair competition, promotes safety on the water, and facilitates effective communication between competing sailors. By familiarizing oneself with these rules, sailors can make informed decisions during critical moments of a race, such as maneuvering around other boats, rounding marks, or approaching the starting line. Understanding the racing rules also helps prevent collisions and minimize the risk of accidents, safeguarding both participants and their vessels. Moreover, adherence to these rules fosters a level playing field, allowing sailors to compete on the basis of skill, strategy, and tactical acumen. Overall, knowledge of the racing rules of sailing not only enhances the quality and integrity of sailboat races but also contributes to a more enjoyable and rewarding experience for all involved.